Christopher W. Richeson (cwricheson) wrote,
Christopher W. Richeson

CW's 2010 RPGnet Gen COn Meet and Greet

Howdy folks!

I'll be covering Gen Con as an RPGnet reviewer and ENnies judge this year, but the thing I most want to do is meet up with the great people of RPGnet and share some fun. This is my third time hosting a gathering at Gen Con, and the past two were enormous fun. Folk will show up with all sorts of different side games, the conversations are always interesting, and you never know who you might meet.

I'm hosting the event at the Embassy Suites on Saturday August 7th starting at 6pm and lasting until as late as folk are still around. The exact room will be posted as the event draws near. Please help spread word of the event. There's no need to register and, in past years, there was no problem at all with non-Gen Con folk dropping in. Consider bringing a game or some of the cool things you saw at Gen Con to share, as side games are likely to break out.

The event has been added to the Gen Con Catalog as ENT1016303.
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