Christopher W. Richeson (cwricheson) wrote,
Christopher W. Richeson

ENnies Judge Voting has begun - cast your vote!

If it seems like I was just writing this the other day, it's because I was. Judge voting is being held much earlier for the 2008 awards.


While I'm not going to list all of my choices, I do want to share my top two with you.

1. Jeramy Ware
2. Chris Gath

Why? Jeramy maintained a fantastic blog, In My Judgement, last year and really brought the process into the open. Add to that the fact that he's friendly, well spoken, and has a critical eye and you've got an excellent judge no matter what your interests are.

Chris Gath, or Crothian, is a dedicated reviewer. He's also an active forum participant accross multiple fora and I've never seen him contribute an unkind word to a thread.

I highly recommend both of these candidates. Keep in mind there's no requirement to rank all of the nominees - just vote for whoever you care to.
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