December 14th, 2007


Out of Contact and Upcoming Reviews

I'm moving back to Tennessee from Kentucky, so I will be out of contact with the greater world from Sunday night until an unspecified time that week.

I have a review of Og, the humorous game of cavemen thing bashing from Firefly Games, that issues on Monday.  If you like humor games then it's definitely worth a minute to check out.

Colonial Gothic, Active Exploits, Delta Green, Changeling, and Conspiracy of Shadows all loom on the horizon.
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I'm done

I completed law school this morning upon turning in a paper.  I have a Juris Doctor now and, after the bar (Summer), will be able to practice law.

It was a long and difficult journey.  I did it in 2.5 years instead of 3, but I'm glad to be leaving the law school sooner.

Now it's off to graduate school which, I have been told, is far, far easier than the path I just finished.