July 29th, 2007


Gaming Report - Not reviewer friendly.

My second review to be submitted to Gaming Report, Artesia, was submitted to RPG.net two months ago and submitted to Gaming Report at the same time. Gaming Report finally released it today. This is my last submission for their site. They don't even post my full name :P

The reviews aren't searchable. With batches of 25 hitting the main page side bar many, including my Artesia review, don't receive front page attention for even a few days. Reviewers aren't even sent a link to a posted review, instead being required to find it themselves. Don't get me wrong - ENWorld and theRPGsite both have awful review systems as well - but for a whole website once dedicated to news reports and game reviews it really bothers me to see it so poorly managed. Gaming Report could be the shining jewel of RPG news and reviews again in the right hands, but maybe its best that I come to terms with the fact that the site I once respected is long dead.

That the "breaking news of the ENnies voting" was posted 12 days after voting started with the wrong information goes to show that the administrators aren't even in touch with major industry events anymore. I guess it's just a resource to see company announcements, but I can see those at RPG.net and ENWorld already.