July 16th, 2007


ENnies Voting Begins Today

ENnies voting starts, and there are a lot of really great products up there. In particular there are a lot of small press gems like Dictionary of Mu, Helios Rising, Spirit of the Century, Burning Empires, Faery's Tale, Hollow Earth Expedition, and Lacuna. While I'm not quite as gung ho as the ever awesome drivingblind I do encourage you to vote for these titles because they're quality products. I know, I've reviewed all of them except Lacuna.

Want to vote but not sure what all the products are about? The links above lead to my reviews. Check 'em out and then take 5 minutes to help support small press publishers but, more importantly, to vote for excellent games.

Finally, while they're not indie games why not check out my reviews of Conspiracy X 2.0, The Esoterrorists, and Scion: Hero? They're up for awards too!

Want to read some *really* good reviews?

Congratulations to our Sci-Fi Week winners at RPG.net. Their reviews represented the best of the best, going beyond the already great reviews we received all week long. If you're at all interested in hearing about some science fiction games from great reviewers then take a look!

Sci-Fi Week has been a great success and it's worth mentioning again how much we appreciate all of the publishers supporting this event. Encouraging quality reviews helps the industry generally, and events like this bring attention to all manner of RPGs. Check out all of the supporting publishers!