June 26th, 2007

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Federal Court is more fun than law school.

I spent most of my day watching a jury tampering case the Assistant District Attorney teaching my litigation skills class was prosecuting. It was really fun, especially watching how skillfully an F.B.I. agent can dance around a defense attorney's questioning. I never realized the word 'badass' can apply to someone calmly answering questions, but this impressed the hell out of me.

After court was dismissed for the day I got to hang out with the ADA, his assistant, and two F.B.I. agents for a while. They brainstormed and I even got to throw in comments - fun stuff!

It's too bad law schools don't expose students to something like this earlier on.

Got a Sci-Fi RPG you want to promote? Join our event!

I'm organizing Sci-Fi Review Week at RPG.net under Allan Sugarbaker and I'm looking for publishers interested in donating one or more PDFs for the event. Here's how it works:

1. I list and actively promote the companies donating along with my promotion of Sci-Fi review week. I can't guarantee front page exposure, but I can promise updates to the main thread, LiveJournal updates, and some celebration when the winners are announced.

2. At the end of the week a group of judges (Dan Davenport, C.W.Richeson, and Allan Sugarbaker) pick their favorite reviews and those reviewers receive a gift based on the number of publishers who have come on board for the event. Judges are excluded from winning.

I think it'll be a lot of fun, and since everyone's mind is already on science fiction it's a great marketing opportunity.

If you're interested in donating please PM me at RPG.net, leave a message here, or email my gmail account (cwricheson@).