June 25th, 2007


IPR has some amazing quality control.

IPR being Indie Press Revolution. I know this because I just got a review copy of Legends of Alyria in the mail that had a printing error making it unsuitable for sale. The error? A tiny bit of ink spotting on the cover. That's some impressive quality control, and worth taking a moment to mention.

Legends of Alyria is one of the dozen or so games I have lurking around here waiting for review, others include Agon, Dread, Passages, and Ruby just to name a few. I'm really excited to get to all of them, too!

Next up is finishing my White Wolf stack though - Lunars and the second book of sorcery for Exalted. If you're even casually interested in Exalted rush out and buy Lunars - it's incredible.