June 11th, 2007


Sci-Fi Review Week at RPG.net - July 9th

The week of July 9th is Sci-Fi Review Week at RPG.net. Whether it's the latest Star Wars RPG or the most ragged copy of Traveler in your collection we want your reviews! Take a few minutes, write up a review, and send it in before July 9th to participate in this event!

Be sure to put "Sci-Fi Week" in the title so we know to include it in the event!

Are you a publisher with a sci-fi game who wants to help out? Let your fans know about the event and consider special promotions! Legends Walk and Truth and Justice got a ton of promotion last time thanks to their interest in the event.

Never written a review before? Check out my guide to RPG reviewing for some tips!

Nothing to say about Sci-Fi RPGs? You can still join the fun! Submit a review of a Sci-Fi book, comic, movie, game, DVD, TV series, or anything else and we'll include it in the Wednesday update!

Many thanks to the awesome mechanteanemone for getting the ball rolling on this!

Here's the thread on RPG.net: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=338177