June 4th, 2007


New Reviews at RPG.net - Magnum Opus and Saturnine Night

This is it - if you're interested in Promethean I've reviewed the entire product line now. Magnum Opus provides suggestions for Prometheans made from inanimate objects, new Refinements, and ways to tweak the game. Saturnine Night brings Science-Fiction into Promethean, complete with malign robots, clones, and clockwork men to include in your game.

If you want to check out a World of Darkness game where the characters are filled with hope for a better tomorrow then take a look at Promethean.

Do you like SotC? FATE? Science Fiction? Then keep an eye on the Starblazer RPG!

chrisbirch has acquired the license to a British sci-fi comic book series called "Starblazers" and he's combining it with FATE 3 to create what looks to be a very cool game. While I admit to knowing nothing about this license, my own suspicion is that it's more a source of artwork and inspiration, especially since the series seems to have largely been a collection of sci-fi short stories. I hold high hopes that this game will provide a toolkit-like approach to bending it to whatever science fiction I want. While I can already do that with SOTC and a little to a lot of work, this saves me time and, hopefully, the entire package will be fun and inspiring.

Chris is yet another designer going the "designing in public" route, and if you just want to follow those posts then check out starblazer_rpg. Note that Chris has put out an open call for interesting mechanical ideas, so if you consider yourself a FATE guru then head on over and contribute your thoughts!

The Gaming Index - One Year Old And Better Than Ever!

I've been touting the merits of the Gaming Index for a while now, but let me get on the pulpit again. The Gaming Index is one of the best tools out there for both publishers and consumers. It's integrated into the RPG.net reviews system and supports "mini reviews" and ratings of products. This means that by going to the page for a given product a consumer usually sees: The editions of that book, its publisher (with a link to all their products), the product line (with another link), all reviews, user comments, the current rating (and how it was determined), a picture of each edition, and even more information. That's crazy awesome. The Index is also the largest out there, even bigger than Pen and Paper.

As a publisher: You need to make use of this. Sig links to your games on the Index and encourage your fans to stop in, rate your game, and make a few comments. See how Spirit of the Century is the number one core game? That's, in part, because Fred bought into using the Index. Can the Index be manipulated, can a publisher skew results? Of course they can, but the more publishers embrace bringing people to the Index the more valuable the ratings overall become. To make this even better, RPG.net has a trust system built into ratings - the more ratings a user makes the more those ratings count - to keep a rush of fans making a single rating from being a problem. A pretty kick butt deal.

As a gamer: The Index may be the best first stop for any product now. It'll take you straight to reviews, show you comments and ratings, and generally make deciding on a product a lot quicker.

Check it out!