April 26th, 2007


d20.rpg.net? What's that?

Why, just another example of how useful and integrated the Gaming Index is with the rest of the site! Seriously, take a second and just look at d20.rpg.net. Here's what you should pay attention to:

See the check marks by the most recent reviews it pulls up? That's a friendly addition to the review system, making it even more useful for publishers to get reviews on RPG.net. Now when someone searches for your game or criteria similar to your game they'll see the ratings in a clearer way.

See the d20 articles / forum posts / recent Index additions? The idea is that d20.rpg.net is a way for folk mostly interested in d20 to approach the site. d20 games now have their own forum and, while they're still integrated into the site, have a sort of separate community growing up around them. Whether you like or hate the segregation of topics, the integration of the Index and Review system into the site is really impressive and continues to show off what a valuable tool RPG.net is. No other site is doing anything like this and I think that, over time, we'll see it continue to be more and more useful.