March 30th, 2007


The Gaming Index hits 6,000!

shannon_a has announced at that the Gaming Index has passed 6,000 entries! This is an amazing accomplishment for Shannon and The Gaming Index is already the largest online database of roleplaying games, but it hosts a variety of features that makes it an increasingly important tool for publishers and roleplaying fans alike.

One of those is the ability to write short reviews and rate products you like (or don't). While gives us something like that, here we have many more ratings and an easier to use interface. For publishers this means they can get short reviews and see how folk generally think their product compares to others. For consumers this makes buying RPGs easier than ever. Looking for that book missing from your collection? Go look at the covers for the whole product line! Want to pick up a core book and the two or three best supplements? It's easy, just go take a look! The Gaming Index links reviews to these entries as well, leading to an impressive degree of site integration.

A tool like this only becomes more valuable as more and more people become aware of it make use of it. If you like the idea of a comprehensive database that supports the interests of publishers and consumers then I encourage you to introduce other people to it and rate some of the products you own!