March 1st, 2007


A few comments about reviewing from theRPGsite.

I just wanted to share these, as All Chemical asked me a few questions I had already been considering.

[QUOTE=All Chemical]Just checked out your reviews on I think their rating system suffers from the G4 X-Play rating problem where in we can rename the show "3 out of 5". This is a shame where most of your reviews are far more indepth then the 1-5 scale you have to finalize them in for the system.[/QUOTE]

I love X-Play. I do agree that a 5 point scale, even two five point scales, isn't as robust as I would like. I would prefer a 1-10 scale. This has come up at before and I know Shannon is at least kicking around the idea of changing the system.

Ultimately, however, I really don't care a lot about the point scale. I want folk to make their decisions based more on the content of the review than the numbers assigned. The numbers should be a quick guide, but they're highly subjective and unreliable. I think if someone randomly decreased or increased many review scores no one would notice a real difference.

This hobby needs more detailed reviewers. Ever think about striking out on your own on perhaps the livejournal page with a more indepth rating breakdown to supplement your reviews?[/QUOTE]

Thanks! I have, actually, but offers more exposure for my reviews than anywhere else on the internet. In one day I can get 300 - 1000 hits on a new review. That's several times more than I would get at other sites over *months*. While I enjoy my LiveJournal, it's not searchable and is less useful to folk in the long run. also has more useful tools when it comes time to write the review, and I like the general formatting.

Finally, publishers prefer reviews at - and they should. is going to give their product a lot more exposure than a LiveJournal entry will, even if that journal is read by 100 people (mine is most certainly not). It's also going to give them a lot more exposure than any other website, unless it's a d20 review at ENWorld.

Back at it.

I bought a lifetime membership at I've also submitted a column proposal, am continuing to work on reviews for the site, and hope to get back into adding to the Gaming Index tonight.

The thing is, even if I weren't a part of it I believe in the site and want to see it succeed. This is all I can do to help out. Tools like the Gaming Index and review section are, in my view, important to the online gaming community and have far reaching benefits. I think that, over time, we'll see even more use from the Gaming Index.

My review of Scroll of the Monk there is released tomorrow. I'll be submitting reviews of Capes and Strange Alchemies hopefully tonight. Then it's on to Predators, Mythologies (very cool so far), and Tome of the Mysteries.

On the horizon I'll be reviewing Tim Kirk's Hearts & Souls, which I'm excited about. At some point I decided I just wanted to review a lot of supers games, especially small press supers games, and I'm glad to get to continue doing so. I've put in a review request for Runepunk as well, thanks to Balbinus for turning me on to it. We'll see where that goes.

I need to get these White Wolf reviews finished so I can put in a request for an advance copy of Scion. *crosses fingers*