January 18th, 2007


The Dictionary of Mu is awesome.

I finished reading The Dictionary of Mu today and I have to tell you: it's incredible. The book is flavorful, amusing, inspiring, and has exceeded my expectations in every way. My only minor problem is that sometimes the writing in the margins moves too close to the binding and becomes difficult to read. Otherwise this is an amazing supplement for Sorcerer that has inspired me so much I intend to yank ideas from it for my other games and hope to eventually run a few one shots to share the good news with other players.

Hopefully I'll have a review written this weekend and it'll be up before the end of next week! Don't forget to keep an eye on RPG.net for my other upcoming reviews of Big Eyes Small Mouth 3rd edition (tomorrow, Friday 1/19) and The Esoterrorists (probably Monday).