New Review at RPGnet - The Dresden Files

This review has been a long time coming. Thanks to the Evil Hat guys I've been playing the mostly final > final ruleset since last October with a gaming group filled with Dresden fans who have read every novel. To say that it's been a blast is an understatement. The game far exceeded our wildest fantasies and did a wonderful job of constantly bringing Dresdeny fun to the table.

You can find my reviews here: Your Story, Our World.

New Review at RPGnet - Faulkner's Millinery and Miscellanea

Faulkner's is an equipment guide for Victoriana, but it has a very non-standard way of going about the equipment discussion. Instead of simply providing a general description and some game stats this imaginative book goes well out if its way to provide lots of great description with focused roleplay in mind. Many of the items are best described as window dressing, yet through their presentation the book does a great job of expanding on the setting and filling the reader's mind with ideas for tiny but interesting scenes. Check out my review.

CW's 2010 RPGnet Gen COn Meet and Greet

Howdy folks!

I'll be covering Gen Con as an RPGnet reviewer and ENnies judge this year, but the thing I most want to do is meet up with the great people of RPGnet and share some fun. This is my third time hosting a gathering at Gen Con, and the past two were enormous fun. Folk will show up with all sorts of different side games, the conversations are always interesting, and you never know who you might meet.

I'm hosting the event at the Embassy Suites on Saturday August 7th starting at 6pm and lasting until as late as folk are still around. The exact room will be posted as the event draws near. Please help spread word of the event. There's no need to register and, in past years, there was no problem at all with non-Gen Con folk dropping in. Consider bringing a game or some of the cool things you saw at Gen Con to share, as side games are likely to break out.

The event has been added to the Gen Con Catalog as ENT1016303.

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Howdy to whoever still has me on their list. I'm not even sure Livejournal is the best place to hang my hat anymore, but after an enormous increase in work (I teach the LSAT in addition to working as an attorney) for a few months and my work as an ENnies judge I've not had a lot of time to do all the little online things I enjoy. The reviews have kept coming, though, so let me call attention to my most recent review and a review of a product that I really love.

Today RPGnet kindly posted my review of Victoriana 2nd Edition. My group had a great time with this game, largely due to the way the dice pool system worked. Difficulty actions are penalized with more dice to roll, which was oddly fun at the table especially since my group hadn't been playing a lot of dice pool games at the time. The book has some editing problems in that useful information is painfully spread out, especially with regard to character creation, but on the whole it's a fun addition for any group that enjoys the historical constraints of roleplaying in a Victorian setting with a dash of the fantastic thrown in.

A few weeks ago RPGnet posted my review of Mindjammer. I was already a fan of Starblazer Adventures, an absolutely fantastic implementation of FATE, but I was a little unsure of Mindjammer going in since it was marketed more as a setting book than anything else. I shouldn't have worried as this book is a fantastic addition to the line. It presents a human-dominated galaxy of highly advanced technology that manages to both stay true to the space opera feel of Starblazer while bringing in transhuman technologies and concepts to the mix. If you're a Starblazer fan and haven't picked this up yet then I highly recommend checking out my review to hear more.

I'm currently finishing up the Dresden Files RPG in its current print form. I've been running a Dresden Files campaign for most of the year and will be writing a detailed review of both books along with my play experiences. I'm a Dresden fan and have read every book, so my expectations have been appropriately high for this game.

New Review at RPGnet - Player's Handbook 3.

The D&D supplement treadmill continues on in yet another fine addition to the line. While my play experiences have been limited so far, I'm excited about several of these additions and expect PHB3 to be a staple of future games. Review.

I'm also interested, now that we have as many options as we do, in various tweaks for campaign flavor that can be pulled off. All primal or divine parties are becoming particularly easy, with plenty of options for the players to choose from.

New Review at RPGnet - This Favored Land

Civil War Era roleplay + the excellent Wild Talents system results in a historical game of fighting a shadow war while events largely play themselves out. While I find the product to be flawed in how little attention it pays to people with super powers in this era, I can't argue that it has many useful tools for creating as realistic an experience as possible. Review.

My column, CW Reviews, also had a new article appear this week. This time I talk about various review criteria and offer suggestions for those who haven't quite decided what they find valuable in an RPG. Column.